April First Thursday Book Discussion: Weyward

Book cover for Weyward by Emilia HartThe award-winning debut novel, “Weyward,” by Emilia Hart will be the subject of the First Thursday Book Discussion on April 4 at the Columbia Public Library.

Filled with vivid descriptions of English landscapes, Hart’s novel follows three women living between the 1600s and the 20th century. The protagonists face challenges that are both oddly conventional to their times and timeless. Likewise, Hart illustrates the resiliency of women and the strength they can draw from the natural world.

For those readers who might eschew reading fantasy, Hart’s novel is much more than a fanciful tale of witches in England. She has used the medium of magical realism as a tool to deliver a story with multiple layers of meaning. Fans of the fantasy genre should be prepared that the fantastical elements take a back seat to the purpose of the story, acting as servants to illuminate the author’s window into an aspect of our world.Wild Girls by Tara Miles book cover

All readers will find vivid descriptions of the rich wild world that lies outside (and sometimes inside) the walls of our homes and businesses. If you appreciate the theme of women drawing strength from the natural world you might want to pair a reading of “Weyward,” with the non-fiction work “Wild Girls,” by Tiya Miles.

Regardless of your usually reading preferences, “Weyward” provides plenty of fodder for reflection. Readers interested in discussing “Weyward” can bring their thoughts and questions and join the facilitated discussion on April 4 at noon.

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