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Country Life: Docs Featuring Rural Missouri

If you primarily have lived in Missouri cities, you might not be that familiar with your rural neighbors. While not all people in rural areas are the same, the documentaries below might help introduce you to a few of the folks you might encounter in the country. Check out these documentaries that take a look at residents in rural Missouri:

Stray Dog” (2014)

The film follows Ron “Stray Dog” Hall as he caravans on his Harley with fellow vets to pay tribute to their fallen brothers at the Vietnam Memorial. Meanwhile, back home in southern Missouri where he owns and operates an RV Park populated by a community on the margins, he forges a new life of domesticity with his Mexican wife Alicia.

Rich Hill” (2014)

Rich Hill, Missouri could be any of the countless small towns that blanket America’s heartland. But to teenagers Andrew, Harley and Appachey, it’s home. They are like millions of other boys coming of age the world over, but face unfortunate circumstances: an imprisoned mother, isolation, instability, and parental unemployment.

Spanish Lake” (2014)

Covers the history of Spanish Lake, Missouri, a small farming community that turned into a suburb in the 1950s for those seeking rural refuge from urban St. Louis. Due to racism, housing developments, and governmental policies, Spanish Lake experienced a white exodus in the 1990s, resulting in rapid economic decline and population turnover.

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