Debut Author Spotlight: July 2018 | Daniel Boone Regional Library

Debut Author Spotlight: July 2018

Here are some new titles by debut authors to help you get through this heat wave. Best read with a cold glass of lemonade in hand. For a longer list, please visit our catalog.

City of Lies book coverCity of Lies” by Sam Hawke

Jovan’s uncle is the poison master — responsible for detecting poisons and developing antidotes — for the Chancellor of Silasta. Jovan grew up being slowly poisoned as he trains to fill the same role as his uncle for the Chancellor’s heir, Tain. But Jovan is forced to step into his uncle’s shoes far too soon when an unidentified poison kills both his uncle and the Chancellor. Jovan must now keep Tain alive amid political intrigue, rebellion and betrayal.


Fruit of the Drunken Tree” by Ingrid Rojas ContrerasFruit of the Drunken Tree book cover

Bogotá, Colombia during the reign of drug lord Pablo Escobar is a violent, dangerous place, but young Chula and her older sister Cassandra live sheltered lives in their gated community. Then their mother hires a live-in maid from the slums — 13-year-old Petrona — and their two worlds collide, exposing Chula and Cassandra to the conflict and danger outside their gates.


Suicide Club book coverSuicide Club” by Rachel Heng

In the near-future immortality is finally within humanity’s grasp. Lea is a “Lifer,” which means her genes give her the potential to live forever with the help of life-prolonging treatments provided  by the Ministry — assuming she is willing to live by their increasingly strict rules. In addition to life everlasting, Lea has the perfect job and the perfect fiancé. But when her estranged father re-enters her perfect life, she is drawn into the world of the Suicide Club where people reject meaningless immortality, instead choosing when and how to end their own lives.


Baby Teeth” by Zoje StageBaby Teeth

A creepy tale of a mother whose 7-year-old daughter is out to get her. Ever since she was born Hanna has been emotionally disconnected from her mother while doting on her father. But when her father isn’t around Hanna’s coldness toward her mother grows into increasingly disturbing and violent behavior, almost as if she wanted her mother out of the way …