March 2024 LibraryReads

LibraryReads logoAs Spring arrives, so do new, great books, and they include some romance, mysteries and historical fiction. Check out these LibraryReads favorites from library staff across the country:


"How to Solve Your Own Murder" by Kristen Perrin book coverHow to Solve Your Own Murder” by Kristen Perrin
It’s 1965, and Frances is at a country fair with her friends when she ducks into a fortune teller’s tent and is given a fortune that predicts her murder. She then becomes obsessed with figuring out who will murder her. Many years later, when she sends for her great-niece, she starts a race against time for her murder to be solved. This novel is original, witty and a real page-turner.
~Linda Quinn, LibraryReads Ambassador

"James" by Percival Everett book coverJames” by Percival Everett
In this superb counterpoint to Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, we get the point of view of the enslaved character Jim. Through Jim’s eyes, readers experience many of the familiar events from Twain’s novel. However, this narrative reveals more details and realities of the horrible state of slavery. With added storylines of Jim’s humor and family dedication, this book stands out as an illuminating addition to the American classic.
~MarySue Waterman, Westport Library, CT

"The Great Divide" by Christina Henríquez book coverThe Great Divide” by Cristina Henríquez
Set during the construction of the Panama Canal, this novel captures the lives of the people in the canal’s orbit: locals, laborers, and a doctor studying mosquito-borne illnesses. This book is an atmospheric and compelling novel filled with characters that leap off the page and into readers’ hearts.
~Rachel Rooney, Mid-Continent Public Library, MO

"The Other Side of Disappearing" by Kate Clayborn book coverThe Other Side of Disappearing” by Kate Clayborn
Four lives collide: two sisters whose mother deserted them 10 years ago to run off with a con man, a podcaster working on the case, and a journalist with a mission. The mystery — where did their mom go? — meshes neatly with the group’s clashing goals as they follow the woman’s trail across the country. This beautifully written novel is a thoughtful look at the many faces of love.
~Beth Mills, New Rochelle Public Library, NY


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