Quintessential Comics: Marvel Events!

Comic fans, welcome back! We’re at it again with a list of five of Marvel’s most impactful events. The criteria for this list are that the stories herein had some lasting effect on the Marvel Universe or the featured characters. Additionally, some of these might have reached such a level of renown or infamy that they went on to become benchmarks of sorts for future Marvel content. I hope you’re as excited to get into this as I am. Here we go!

Secret Wars

Secret Wars book coverSo, for some of you comic veterans out there, I know you might have been expecting the original Secret Wars run from back in ’84 that featured the awesome might of the Beyonder. However, I recently read the more modern (2015) run that featured none other than the diabolical Dr. Doom as the main antagonist after he acquired the vast cosmic abilities of a multitude of Beyonders! As devastating events known as “incursions” wracked the multiverse by destroying all the universes it contained one by one, Doom made a last, desperate attempt to acquire enough power to remake the universe in his image. He succeeded. Rather than restore the multiverse to its former state, the good doctor decided to take various elements from many of the fallen universes to create a patchwork planet of sorts. Battleworld! Doom reigns supreme on this world and designates various “barons” to oversee the different domains it’s comprised of. Battleworld presents incredible opportunities for fans to see characters from many worlds and timelines existing in the same place. Ever seen Thor as a boar? What about a dinosaur? Marvel zombies? Hulk as a mad tyrant from the future? All of this and more await you inside!

X-Men: Schism

X-Men Schism book cover

It’s never been easy to be a mutant in the Marvel Universe, but things really came to a head when an attack on the UN lead various organizations to mobilize their Sentinels against numerous mutant groups. Things continued to escalate as the X-Men scrambled to deal with this crisis, and leaders Cyclops and Wolverine came to be at odds over the way things were being handled. Cyclops attempted to utilize a more diplomatic approach while, unsurprisingly, Wolverine wanted swift justice. Ultimately, all of the chaos led to the team fracturing, with some following Cyclops and others supporting Wolverine. It’s mutant against mutant in this one! If you’ve never been a fan of the boy scout Scott Summers, or are over the hype surrounding Logan (James Howlett), check this one out to see them beat one another to a pulp!

Fear Itself

Fear Itself Book coverAh, the Asgardians. The honorable Sif, the mischievous Loki, and the mighty Thor. Atop the great pantheon of Norse gods sits Odin, the All-Father. Odin has reigned in Asgard for millenia, his just hand ushering in a veritable golden age for his people. However, unbeknownst to all but a few, there was another in line to be All-Father. Cul Borson, older brother to Odin, is the Norse God of Fear. As the firstborn of Bor Burison, Cul was chosen as the next All-Father. However, his lust for power and his barbaric methods caused Odin to question his brother’s worthiness. Thus, when Cul’s appetite for cruelty grew to be out of control, Odin bested him in combat, and sealed him away beneath the sea. Now, thousands of years later, Cul Borson returns as the Serpent in order to throw the nine realms into chaos once more. Sides will be chosen, alliances will be tested, and the Marvel universe will never be the same!

Secret Invasion

secret invasion book cover

In anticipation of the release of the television series set to release sometime in 2022, why don’t we give a spot to an event with some of the longest-lasting repercussions in the Marvel universe? Secret Invasion! Earth-616 exists in the prime Marvel universe. It is a beacon of sorts, drawing attention from a multitude of forces in the cosmos. Many of the other civilizations amongst the galaxies have had interactions with the inhabitants of this Earth. One such race is the Skrulls. A shapeshifting people with a propensity for war and subterfuge, the Skrulls have attempted to conquer the Earth on multiple occasions. However, after their homeworld and much of their population was decimated, the Skrulls made a desperate attempt to infiltrate the Earth’s inhabitants in what is known as Secret Invasion. Starting with a number of Earth’s heroes, the Skrulls began to take on the identities of their captives and replace them in society. What happens if the Skrulls succeed in their plan? Can the heroes figure out the truth in time? Read this to find out!

X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga

The dark Phoenix sagaSo, to finish this list off we are going to go with one of the most famous events in Marvel history, and certainly one of the most impactful if you’re a fan of Xavier’s team of misfits. Jean Grey, an original member of the X-Men and a mentor figure within the mutant community, finds herself bonded with a mysterious cosmic force after a space mission goes awry. The Phoenix Force, one of the oldest entities within the universe and the embodiment of life and rebirth chooses Jean to be its host. That doesn’t necessarily sound so bad, does it? Well, unfortunately it is. As time goes on, Jean begins to display some unstable behavior, giving in to some more violent desires. Ultimately, Jean gives in to these desires and becomes the Dark Phoenix. Then, it’s up to her own friends to stop her before she brings devastation to the planet! If you want to experience one of the most defining arcs for the character Jean Grey, then be sure to check this one out!

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