Reader Review: How to Be an Antiracist

How to be an Antiracist book coverHow to be An Antiracist” discussed our role in a racist society and what we can do to be antiracist. I like how it pointed out that we are either racist or antiracist — we fit one. We all have to reflect on where we fit and start doing behaviors that are antiracist. I appreciate how the author discussed his own racism journey, as a Black man. I think that helped readers to engage with their own thoughts about race without feeling ashamed and defensive as is often the case when people are confronted with their own racist thoughts and actions.

Three words that describe this book: Challenging, encouraging, thoughtful

You might want to pick this book up if: you want to learn your part in a racist society and what you can do to be antiracist.


This reader review was submitted as part of Adult Summer Reading. We will continue to share reviews throughout the year. 

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