Reader Review: How to Solve Your Own Murder

How to Solve Your Own Murder book coverHow to Solve Your Own Murder” is told through two main characters, Frances and her great niece Annie. Frances received a fortune when she was just 17 from a fortune teller at a county fair. Ever since then, she has been obsessed with the idea that someone was going to murder her. After a will change, and a visit from Annie to the quaint village of Castle Knoll, Frances dies. The following days are full of twists and turns as Annie works to figure out what has happened to her Aunt Frances, while uncovering the hidden secrets of Castle Knoll.

I loved this book because it was an interesting mystery, set in a great English village. The characters and the plot were so interesting, I became totally absorbed into the dual narrative.

Three words that describe this book: mystery, sleuth, cozy

You might want to pick this book up if: You love a good cozy mystery with a nice twist. If you are a fan of “Knives Out” (or other similar mysteries) I would say this one is for you!


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