Reader Review: The Annotated Treasure Island

Annotated Treasure Island book cover
It’s likely that readers will already be familiar with the basics of this classic adventure tale. “Treasure Island” has become such a part of our cultural memory at this point, that few will be meeting Jim and Long John for the first time. I first read this book, as well as Stevenson’s “Kidnapped,” when I was young, and I remember being a little bored with it, but enjoyed the action scenes. I enjoyed it much more reading it as an adult. I found that I was much more interested in Stevenson’s descriptions of sailor life, even if they are highly fanciful, than when I was younger. In many ways, it was like visiting old friends again. I read it as a beach read when I vacationed this summer, and it was an excellent choice. As a fan of history, I found “The Annotated Treasure Island” to be thoroughly enlightening. I learned from the annotations while simultaneously enjoying Stevenson’s adventure story.

Three words that describe this book: adventure, pirates, sea tales

You might want to pick this book up if: You want a quick read that is full of adventure and interesting characters. Choose the annotated edition if you are also intrigued with 19th-century history and sailor life.


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