Reader Review: The True Love Experiment

The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren book coverThe True Love Experiment” is the love story of the year! The main character Fizzy is an effervescent joy! Her unabashed truth-telling and lust-having makes her the juiciest lens with which to view falling in love. So often, I find the female leads to be so reserved and passive and that doesn’t inspire me the way fearless Fizzy does. The main male character Connor is an earnest, wonderful man that a I couldn’t help but also fall for through the eyes of Fizzy.

Author Christina Lauren is an absolute legend when is comes to dynamic connections and emotional expressions. I legitimately highlighted more of this book than I ever have any other book, simply because the prose was so beautiful. Even the spicy parts were gorgeously poetic!

Three words that describe this book: Romantic grumpy/sunshine comedy

You might want to pick this book up if: This book is SPICY and hilarious! Not recommended if you don’t enjoy shocking, crass humor. If you do, this will be an absolute delight!


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