Read. Sip. Repeat. The Silent Book Club Is Here!

photo of people reading on the subway

I love reading, and I adore talking to people about books. One would think that I would be perfect in a book club, and I would, expect for one little thing: I hate reading books that are assigned to me. There were books I was assigned in high school that I would have devoured, but because I had to read them, I read them begrudgingly.

One day, I was online reading about books (as one does), and came across the Silent Book Club. The idea is that people meet up once a month, bring their own books, chit chat a little about books and then read in silence. It’s great for busy folks who find it hard to carve out time to read, as well as readers who just don’t fit into the traditional book club mold. I saw that there wasn’t a chapter nearby, so I decided to start one!

We’ll be meeting the second Tuesday of each month on the Reading Balcony of the Columbia Public Library from 6-7:30 p.m. (See our online events calendar for specific dates and times.) There’s no need to register, and the party is B.Y.O.B. (bring your own book). While I doubt you need it, to further entice you there will be cookies and coffee during the meeting.

The plan for the evening is very casual: arrive at 6 p.m. to claim the comfiest chair and grab some nourishment. There will be basic introductions (“What are you reading?” will be the ice-breaker, in case you’d like to get ready), and then we will read our books of choice in the formats of our choice silently for one hour. After that, we’ll have some time for general book-talk. I know I’m speaking only for myself, but it sounds like a perfect evening. I hope you’ll join us!


Image credit: WNYC New York Public RadioPeople Reading Show-off Books on Subway via Flickr (license)