1,000 Hours Outside

children reading outsideIt is said that the average American child spends 1,200 hours a year in front of a screen. Thanks to Ginny Yurich, the 1000 Hours Outside movement was born to combat this staggering number. There’s no question that time outside and in nature benefits children as they grow. Being outside can offer kids much needed free play time, which is important for brain development. If 1,000 hours outside seems daunting, start with the goal of 100 hours outside and build from there! Below are some great resources to help you on this journey towards more hours spent outside.


CLICK HERE for free outdoor time tracker templates. You can print out 1000 or 100 hour trackers. There are lots of great design options to choose from.

Facebook Group

If you are looking to fill your Facebook feed with encouragement, tips and suggestions for enjoying the outdoors with your kiddos, then check out this group—1000 Hours Outside Official Group.


Click on the book covers below, and you will be routed to title options within our library collection all about outdoor play.

Balanced and Barefoot - Hanscom, Angela J.
“Balanced and Barefoot” by Angela J. Hanscom
“Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv
2,000 Miles Together - Crawford, Ben
“2,000 Miles Together” by Ben Crawford
Free to Learn
“Free to Learn” by Peter Gray
The Outdoor Activity Book
“The Outdoor Toddler Activity Book” by Krissy Bonning-Gould
Hike it Baby
“Hike It Baby” by Shanti Hodges
Adventuring Together
“Adventuring Together” by Greta Eskridge
How to Raise a Wild Child
“How to Raise a Wild Child” by Scott D. Sampson
Vitamin N
“Vitamin N” by Richard Louv