Bookworm Bookmarks

What can make reading a book from your local library even more fun? Crafting your own bookmark to use in your library book! Read on to learn how to create your own bookworm bookmark to travel with you on your next reading adventure.

To create these cute critters, you’ll need a few supplies. Gather a thick sheet of white paper, a piece of colored paper (about 8.5″ by 4″) and a variety of patterned pieces of paper of any size. A piece of yarn or ribbon (under 1/4 inches wide) will be used for a tongue. You’ll also need scissors, glue and a hole punch.

Draw a worm shape on a white piece of paper. Ours are about seven inches long, and three inches at the widest point. Using scissors, cut the patterned paper into long strips, and glue them across your worm outline to create stripes. Your stripes can be any size you want and go in any direction you desire.

Once the glue has dried, cut out your worm friend. Cut out two little circles from a white piece of paper, and decorate them as eyes. Glue the eyes onto your worm so they can read with you.

Glue the worm onto the solid piece of paper. Use a hole punch to create a small hole at the end of your worm, below the eyes. Tie your yarn or ribbon through the hole.

Your bookworm bookmark is now ready to accompany you on your next reading adventure! Looking for books to get you started? Try this bookworm book list.