Megan Doodles: Fun with Shapes | Daniel Boone Regional Library

Megan Doodles: Fun with Shapes

I have a confession: I love to doodle. Just ask anyone who sits next to me during meetings. Chances are good that you might have a doodler in your life too. If you are looking for some fun ways to amp up your doodle game, I’ve got three words for you—add a face. Everything is so much cuter with a face on it! Below, I’m going to show you some fun ways you can add faces to shapes. Doodling with shapes is a great way to combine math and art. Bonus: If you talk about the names of shapes or label them, you can also practice vocabulary.


  • Paper
  • Markers (This is what I used, but you can use you crayons or colored pencils.)
  • Pen (I used a black Sharpie pen, but you could use a regular ink pen too.)

I like to draw and fill in my shapes first. I’m going to make a square, but you can see octagons, circles and triangles are fun too.

Then you add a mouth.

And don’t forget the eyes! I like making my eyes and mouth tiny, but you can experiment with size and placement.

Uh-oh, look out octagon!

I added some arms and legs for extra drama. You might even try telling a story with your shapes. If you make a mistake, turn it into something fun. Have fun, and remember these are just doodles!