Megan Doodles: Sweet Succulents

Spring is the air and so is the pollen! While I love seeing blooming trees outside, I don’t love all of the spores in my nose. When it comes to plants, I much prefer the indoor and less flowery potted varieties, which is why I decided to doodle some of my favorite succulent plants. Succulents usually have plump green leaves and they love high temps and low water levels. Because they don’t need a lot of water, they are pretty low-key to take care of and some of them don’t mind being in the dark as long as the temperature is just right (looking at you Dracaena angolensis aka starfish snake plant, which continues to thrive in my dark living room).

Below you will find doodles for the following: Dracaena trifasciata (snake plant), Aeonium (tree houseleeks), Portulacaria pygmaea (pygmy porkbush) and a cactus (well it’s still a cactus, so we’ll just go with that). And don’t forget to add a cute little face!

Darling Dracaena Trifasciata

*snake plant

Adorable Aeonium

*tree houseleeks

Perky Portulacaria Pygmaea

*pygmy porkbush

Cutie Cactus


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