Give to Your Library

Thank you for your interest in making a donation to the library. We want everyone in the community to take advantage of this wonderful resource, and your gift helps us further our mission. Each dollar you give goes towards keeping DBRL’s collections, educational programs and community services available to everyone in our region.

You may make a tax-deductible gift to the library through the DBRL Foundation and designate where or how you would like your gift to be used.

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Send a Donation by Mail:
Daniel Boone Regional Library Foundation
P.O. Box 7113
Columbia MO 65205

Different kinds of gifts can be accepted through different channels as shown below.

Gifts of DBRL:
Callaway County Public Library
Columbia Public Library
Southern Boone County Public Library
Daniel Boone Regional Library Foundation Library Friends:
Southern Boone
Cash x x
Books x
Memorial or Honorarium Gift x x
Stocks or Investments x
Property x x
Bequests or Planned Gifts x
Art x

Gifts to DBRL are subject to the DBRL Gifts Policy 2-775.

If you have questions about making a donation, contact Melia Douglass, or (573) 817-7023.

Gifts of Books

The Friends of the Library groups accept donations to use in their regular book sales. Friends of the Columbia Library accepts donations of hardback books, paperbacks, children’s books, music CDs, audiobooks and DVDs (no magazines or VHS tapes, please). The Callaway Friends and Southern Boone County Friends accept donations of books of all kinds. Donations are only accepted during regular open hours.

At the Columbia Library, you can bring your donations to the check-out desk in the lobby, or if you have a large number of items, you can bring them to the dock in the library’s southwest corner. There is a buzzer there you can ring to call for assistance.

Stocks or Investments

Appreciated stock (held more than one year) makes an excellent gift. Usually capital gain taxes are avoided (generally 15% of the appreciation) and a charitable tax deduction for the stock’s market value at the time of the transfer may be received. Please consult a tax advisor for more information.


For some, a gift of land, a house, or a vacation home is a good way to make a gift. A tax deduction for the full market value of the property and avoiding capital gain taxes are potential benefits for this gift. Another option is to give real estate retaining a life tenancy, which may provide an income tax deduction when giving (deeding) your property to the Foundation. This lets you continue to live there, maintain the property as usual and receive any income it generates. Upon your death, the property will be sold and the proceeds used to support the DBRL Foundation. Please consult a tax advisor for more information.

Bequest Through Will or Trust

One of the most basic and time-honored ways to give that makes a lasting impact is to give through your will or trust. You can make a bequest to sustain the library by providing a dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of your estate or what is left (remainder) to the DBRL Foundation. Charitable designations may reduce your estate taxes. Please consult a tax advisor for more information.

Additional Planned Gift Options

  • Retirement or Pension Accounts
  • CDs, Savings Accounts, Brokerage Accounts, Checking Accounts with P.O.D Provisions
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trust

Artwork is received according to the DBRL Gifts Policy. Contact Elinor Barrett at or (573) 817-7040.