Crafternoon-To-Go: Mandala Rock Painting

Ready to enjoy a craft that is often used for relieving stress? (I would imagine this last year has been stressful for many of us.) Our April Crafternoon-To-Go kit has everything you need to paint a colorful mandala. Traditionally, a mandala has stood for circle or completion.  In various cultures and traditions, mandalas are often used as a spiritual guidance and meditative tool. But drawing a mandala is also fun and rock painting has become a popular (and pretty easy) craft activity.

mandala coverThere are instructions and supplies in your kit for painting the dot mandala with examples of other design options. And in honor of National Poetry month (April), we encourage you to write a favorite line of poetry or word on the other side — you can use the permanent marker included in your kit for this.  Keep your rock in a place that will remind you to take a breath and relax. Or you can leave it in a place for someone else to find and maybe they will take a needed breath as well. However, I must warn you mandala painting can be addictive; I think my family is worried our house is evolving into one huge mandala.

The kits will be available while supplies last at all of our locations beginning on March 29. You may pick them up at the second floor reference desk at the Columbia library and by the service desks at our other libraries.

If you are interested in learning more about crafting with rocks, check out the painted rock or crocheted stone class on CreativeBug, the library’s free arts and crafts database. You will need your library card and pin to log into this resource. Our printed library collection has many more resources here.

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