On the Street: Docs About Homelessness

tent city usaHow would you live your life if you didn’t have a home? These documentaries explore various homeless populations and examine the challenges they face in everyday life.

DVD cover art for Dark DaysDark Days” (2000)

For years, a homeless community took root in a train tunnel beneath New York City, braving dangerous conditions and perpetual night. “Dark Days” explores the surprisingly domestic subterranean world, unearthing a way of life unimaginable to those above.

DVD cover art for Kamp KatrinaKamp Katrina” (2007)

Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana, this film follows Ms. Pearl, who enthusiastically offers her backyard to the displaced, and ten people immediately move into “Kamp Katrina,” their self-made tent community. She ends up facing many challenges and playing many roles to meet the residents’ needs.

DVD cover art for Tent City USA

Tent City, U.S.A.” (2012)

Nearly 100 homeless individuals have come together to form Nashville’s Tent City. This film explores this community, which is self-sustained and self-governed. The camp has its own council, composed of eight camp residents who meet once a week to discuss residents’ issues.