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Intro to Bullet Journaling

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Are you looking for ways to better organize your life, goals or daily schedule? Join us at the Columbia Public Library on Wednesday, August 21 for the Intro to Bullet Journaling program. This program will discuss the basics of Bullet Journaling and help you get started by providing a notebook and some supplies. If you’ve never heard of Bullet Journaling before, this will be a fun chance to explore how it works and see how you can use it in your daily life to get more organized. Or, maybe you are already a Bullet Journal enthusiast. If so, we encourage you to join us at the program. You might pick up some new techniques or get inspired in a different way!

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So what is Bullet Journaling? It’s is a productivity system that was created by Ryder Carroll. It’s a way to organize tasks and goals while bringing mindfulness and intentionality into your daily life. It includes techniques like rapid loggingbullets, tasks, events and signifiers. One of the things I really enjoy about Bullet Journaling is that it is a modular system made up of different collections. Each collection is a related set of notes, tasks or information which is a great way to keep different projects organized. Plus, with the added bonus of creating an index, you can keep track of each collection and know exactly where to flip to in your journal to find the information you need.

Because of the way it works, Bullet Journaling is incredibly useful for people who have ADD, ADHD or just have trouble staying organized. The rapid logging technique, which is the basis for the Bullet Journal system, reinforces your memory and helps with mental recall. Also, the system itself is meant to be fluid; on one page you can take notes for class, on another page you can list your appointments, on a different page you can write down your goals for the year or your favorite television shows. You are not confined to one particular style or method and everything you need is located in one journal rather than having several notebooks for different topics.

The Bullet Journal Method - Carroll, Ryder

If you would like to read all about Bullet Journaling, the library has copies of Ryder Carroll’s “The Bullet Journal Method” available in book, eBook and downloadable audiobook formats. In this book, the author talks about his inspiration for the Bullet Journal method and how he came to create this popular system. He also covers, in detail, what exactly you will need to get started, along with all of the different features and techniques that make up Bullet Journaling. Within the book there are also real-life, personal examples where the author discusses the many ways that Bullet Journaling has helped others get more organized and reach their goals.

Black bullet journal on white table with pensAlthough the beauty of the Bullet Journal system lies in its simplicity, there are many different ways to personalize your Bullet Journal. In “Beyond Bullets: Creative Journaling Ideas to Customize your Personal Productivity System“, Megan Rutell shows you how to create custom calendars, habit trackers, decorative headers and more. This can be a great way to make your Bullet Journal feel like your own and enhance your productivity with different layouts to fit your needs.

I hope this has inspired you to start your own Bullet Journal! If you would like to join us at the program, spots are limited, so register by calling the library at 573-443-3161. See you there!

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