Reader Review: People We Meet on Vacation

People We Meet on Vacation book coverPeople We Meet on Vacation” follows Poppy and Alex who, despite being complete opposites, have been best friends since college for over a decade. They spend the most time together on their summer vacations where for one week they explore various destinations across the US and world. It’s a friendship tradition for the dynamic duo, or at least it was…

Poppy and Alex have not spoken in two years after one horrible vacation. That is, until Poppy realizes that the missing feeling she might have in her life might be due to the Alex. She convinces him to take one more vacation with one internal goal in mind: to fix the friendship that shattered two years ago.

I love the distinction between Poppy AND Alex. They both were distinct characters with completely different experiences that somehow were able to form a friendship. Although, at times they were PoppyAndAlex, they existed outside of each other, too.

Speaking of that friendship, though, some of the instances between Poppy and Alex are clearly on the borderline of a more-than-friends relationship, which made it difficult, as a reader, to support them in their other relationships. However, once they were outside of those relationships, I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for that slow-burn to spark and the love to burn. I loved the depiction of how feelings and people can change over the years.

I love that this book is full of adventure. It took me everywhere from New Orleans to Norway. I admire the amount of research author Emily Henry had to undergo to create these chapters. However, those adventures were often pages and pages of overly detailed descriptions that, while they were beautiful, didn’t have a large impact on the book and characters. At times, this made the book feel like a travel guide more than a romance.

Further, I also disliked how this book built up so much when it came to the reason why Poppy and Alex separated when in reality it was all pretty lackluster and underwhelming. It also failed to touch entirely on the emotional conflicts within the characters until the very end.

All the other build-ups, though, were so fantastic. I was on the edge of my seat from page to page just waiting to see what would happen next.

Another favorite part is Poppy’s funny narration. She had me laughing so hard with her thoughts and actions. I love her wholeheartedly.

Finally, Emily Henry ties up Poppy and Alex’s story well. My favorite part, though, are the realistic solutions to their physical and emotional conflicts. They were never glossed over or halfheartedly tied up. Everything comes together at the end.

Three words that describe this book: adventurous. yearning. hilarious.

You might want to pick this book up if: You want a summer read that takes you everywhere even if you’re at home. If you’re looking for an opposites-attract love that begins in the most memorable way: as friends who see each other for who the other is, flaws and all, and love, regardless.


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