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Reader Review: You Are Here

You are Here book coverI grabbed “You Are Here” spur of the moment off a recommendations shelf at the library, and every time we opened it, the whole family, from age 45 down to age 7, were mesmerized. Every page or two I said, “Wow.” And then again, “Wow.”

Chris Hadfield took photos from the International Space Station, but not just big visions of a grand earth. He zoomed in to small(ish) geographical features and applied whimsy and imagination to what he saw, creating shapes out of them the way we do with clouds.

It’s a picture book accessible to all ages and a book I may just have to buy for my coffee table (assuming I ever have one again!).

Three words that describe this book: Wonder, beauty, nature

You might want to pick this book up if: You’re fascinated by photography and space.


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