First Chapter Books

Jumping from the lower shelves of picture books to the taller shelves of chapter books can be a big step, not only for the young reader making the journey, but their family as well. Often, parents and caregivers ask for book recommendations for children who are reading on their own but are not ready for longer chapter books. These kiddos are confidently reading books in the “Beginning to Read” section, such as Frog and Toad and are ready for a longer story. Luckily the library has a great stock of chapter books for young readers first exploring these longer titles.

These books will often have some illustrations, short chapters and tend to be under 200 pages, making them less intimidating to new readers. Not only are they great confidence builders, but these tales are also great to read aloud, often requiring little background knowledge. And while it might be helpful to start with the first in a series, readers can jump around or completely skip titles without missing key plot points.

Below are a few of my favorite series to recommend to families seeking their first chapter books.