Handprint Calendar 2024

Handprint Calendar 2024. Background is 4 images of handprint mittens, turkey, tree, and a cardinal.

I don’t know about all of you, but 2023 has flown by for me. I have definitely felt the truth behind this wonderful quote from Gretchen Rubin: “The days are long but the years are short.”

Being (miraculously) at the end of 2023 means it’s time for us to bring back our handprint calendar once again! These calendars can be wonderful personalized gifts for loved ones. They can also serve as heartfelt mementos. If you decorate a calendar every year, you’ll have a beautiful way of showing your child’s growth through the years. If you can, continue your collection. But remember, it’s never too late to start.

You can download the calendar here. For best results, we recommend printing on cardstock. It helps prevent your hard work from warping or getting ripped.

As with most things involving small children, set yourself up for success! Before you do anything, grab your supplies:

  • Paint or non-toxic stamp pad
  • Crayons or markers to add details
  • Stickers or additional stamps for added fun
  • Wet wipes or a towel to clean hands

As an experienced calendar creator, I have three tips I’ve learned.

1) As mentioned above, be sure you have a way to clean your kiddo’s hands. Anything with hand prints gets messy surprisingly fast. If you’re going with wet wipes, grab about double the amount you think you’ll need.

2) Plan for multiple sessions. This gives the paint/stamps time to dry and the kiddos time to reset if needed.

3) Embrace the chaos. We have some wonderful instructions you can download here. However, feel free to go your own way.

This type of creation…

Child's hand inside a messy paint palette, on top of calendar page covered in paint.

is just as valid as this.

Picture with 2 neat, child sized hand prints inside of hand-drawn mittens.

Also, if you aren’t partial to any of our samples, there are many other ideas available. If you’re the type to appreciate a physical book, we have two separate titles full of examples. Consider checking out “Handprint Animals” by Henu Mehtani or “Hand-print Animal Art” by Carolyn Carreiro.

There are also many other wonderful artists online. Here are links to a few of our favorites:

Most importantly, have fun, enjoy the process and have a happy new year!