Not-So-Scary Monsters

October is here, and we’ve hit the ground running!

Spooky? Scary? Monsters with sharp teeth?

Monsters are nothing to be afraid of! In these picture books, tackle your fear of monsters and learn to say, “Go away, monster!”

If You’re a Monster and You Know It” written by Rebecca Emberley, illustrated by Ed Emberley

Turn into a monster with this instant classic!

Based on the tune of, “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” this book invites kids to become monsters and snort / growl / smack  / stomp / twitch / wiggle / roar with the other monsters!


Ten Little Beasties” written by Rebecca Emberley, illustrated by Ed Emberley

I know what you’re thinking: “Those monsters are terrifying!”

You’re right. At first.

The monsters are scary looking! But, we don’t judge a book by its cover. In this book, Emberley takes the traditional “Ten Little” rhyme and inputs monsters. Sing and dance along with these ten little beasties!

There’s a Nightmare in My Closet” by Mercer Mayer

How do we stop being afraid? We confront our fears!

This little boy decides to take matters into his own hands and get rid of the monster in his closet. When the lights go off, the boy confronts his monster. However, the reaction was not as the boy expected. When the monster begins to cry, the boy tucks his monster into bed.

Turns out, the monster in the boy’s closet was just as scared of him!

Go Away, Big Green Monster!” by Ed Emberley

Need to give a little one in your life some Halloween bravery?

This book shows a monster appearing, piece by piece, but the monster doesn’t scare the reader. Instead, they must yell back, “Go away, big green monster!” and the monster disappears, piece by piece. This is a fun read-aloud, as it’s easy to encourage children to yell out at the monster, demanding the monster leave.

Build ALL the confidence in saying no!

The Monster Princess” written by D. J. MacHale, illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

Lala is a rugabee monster who lives under the castle of three beautiful princesses. While Lala is good at collecting krinkles, she does not want to live in the caves any longer. Being brave, Lala escapes the cave and travels to the princesses’ castle. She convinces the princesses to give her a makeover, but her first ball doesn’t go as planned. They treat her as a joke and Lala escapes back to her cave. However, when the princesses are in danger, Lala decides once again to be brave, to save them from a wiffle monster and accept that she’s proud of the rugabee monster she is.


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