Sick Day Picture Books

Ahhh, fall!

The best time of the year for:

  • cozy sweaters
  • pretty leaves
  • hot apple cider
  • & drippy noses!

Maybe it’s a bad case of the sniffles, a runny nose, a scratchy throat or a dreaded short-term fairytale curse? Either way, we’ve got some great reads to help your young ones navigate their sick day woes.

Sick Day Picture Books

A Bad Case of Stripes

A Bad Case of Stripes” written and illustrated by David Shannon

In this fun sick day classic from David Shannon, poor Camilla Cream is worried about pleasing everybody. Camilla loves lima beans, but she decides not to eat lima beans at school in case the other kids make fun of her. Once she makes this decision, Camilla suddenly comes down with a bad case of stripes. No one knows where it came from or how to cure it. As the case of stripes gets worse, Camilla is changing at every person’s suggestion. It cannot be stopped until Camilla decides to just be herself.

Rooster Can't Cock-a-doodle-doo

Rooster Can’t Cock-a-Doodle-Doo” written by Karen Rostoker-Gruber, illustrated by Paul Rátz de Tagyos

The poor Rooster has a sore throat and can’t cock-a-doodle-doo! How will the animals and the farmer wake up? The Rooster must whisper everyone awake, one by one, and they work together to awaken the poor, sleeping farmer. This is a very cute book with plenty of animal puns!

Bob, Not Bob!

Bob, Not Bob!” written by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon, illustrated by Matthew Cordell

Poor Little Louie has a cold! It’s stuffed up his nose so bad, no one can understand him. Every time he yells for his “Mom” when he’s feeling sick, it sounds like “Bob.” This wouldn’t be a problem, except the family’s Great Dane is named Bob and when Bob hears his name, he comes RUNNING!

Dragons Get Colds Too

Dragons Get Colds Too” written by Rebecca Roan, illustrated by Charles Santoso

In this silly guidebook, a young girl must care for her sick dragon. Each piece of advice is given by a dragon doctor and the illustrations show the young dragon trainer attempting to get her rebellious and stubborn dragon to cooperate.

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?” written by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Mark Teague

Yolen’s books about dinosaurs are always favorites! In this rhyming book, Yolen shows the scenes of dinosaurs getting sick, refusing medicine and going to the doctor. It starts with the negative reactions to being sick and moves into positive ways to act when trying to get better.

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