Center Aisle Cinema and Discussion With Refugee and Immigration Services

photo of refugees arrive in Greece via life boat

Images and stories of refugees fleeing war-torn nations are haunting and have unfortunately become a fairly regular sight in our news. The journeys these displaced people find themselves on are perilous and traumatic and for some, even deadly. Once they manage to arrive in their sanctuary countries, settling into a place where the language and cultures are different can be tremendously challenging.

This month’s Center Aisle Cinema will feature “4.1 Miles,” an Oscar-nominated short film from director Daphne Matziaraki. This film follows a day in the life of a Greek coast guard captain who is caught in the middle of the Syrian refugee crisis. With limited resources, his crew goes out onto the water each day only to be faced with aiding the incoming flow of refugees who face possible death as they try to cross the Aegean Sea. The film offers a glimpse into the terrifying journey many refugees face, as well as how the growing number of refugees is dramatically reshaping the lives and countries of those who are tasked with helping them.

After the film, staff from Refugee and Immigration Services of Catholic Charities will present on the refugee experience of the displaced people who are arriving in mid-Missouri. They will discuss how arriving individuals are settled and the challenges they face as they integrate into their new home. Please join us next Wednesday, June 14 at 6:30 p.m. for the film and learn more about the refugee community in Columbia and ways to volunteer to help them.


Image credit: Ggia, Refugees Arriving in Greece via Wikimedia Commons (license)