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June is a time to remember the Stonewall Riots (or Stonewall Uprising/Stonewall Rebellion). In 1969, what started as an act of protest has become a way to continue to celebrate the LGBT+ Community and promote activism within the community.

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As we are distant this year, with hope in the future for less distance Pride events, here are a few websites to hear and share LGBT Voices. Through these online resources, there are avenues for expression, stories, and creation of spaces to keep and protect voices that might otherwise be lost.

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I’m From Driftwood

The LGBTQ Story Archive

“I’m From Driftwood” is the creation of Nathan Manske, an individual from Driftwood, Texas, who was inspired by Harvey Milk’s sign from the San Fransisco Gay Pride march, “I’m From Woodmere, New York” in 1978. Naming the site after his hometown, Manske intended to create a space where individuals could share their stories. Beyond that, Manske wanted to create a place where individuals could search for stories, preserve moments in time that might be lost otherwise, and remind people how big and diverse the LGBT+ community truly is.

Want to share your story?

Take a look at the guidelines here!

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When I Came Out

Over 2,200 stories. Every coming out story is unique. What’s yours?

“When I Came Out” is a webpage where individuals share their coming out stories. The format of these stories makes them unique. They appear in a feed on the main part of the website, written to look similar to text messages. Each story is anonymous, 5 sentences or less long, and identifiable with only a date stamp and the optional additions of a gender marker, age marker, and/or orientation/identity marker.

While these stories may show unique experiences of coming out, another important part of this website is the resource tab. It has resources available for coming out, counseling and support, if you’re kicked out, and other general support.

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Look at the submission guidelines for When I Came Out here!

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My Kid is Gay

Helping Families Understand Their LGBTQ Kids

This website is great for parents who need support as their child comes out as a member of the LGBT+ community. There are plenty of articles that give advice, perspective, and general knowledge about the LGBT+ community. Coming out can be a difficult thing to tackle and no one experience is the same for everyone.

This website does have mixed reviews. It does have some religious undertones, which can cause discomfort for LGBT+ community members as they may have a strained relationship with faith or have been ostracized by their previous support system once they come out. Others may find the use of religion from this organization to be comforting, as it is familiar and means more to them sentimentally. Each person is different, and it’s important to find personalized support when looking for help.

Want to learn more about the LGBT+ Community?

Check out my book list: LGBTQIA+ Educational Resources for All Ages! This list offers titles directly from Daniel Boone Regional Library’s catalog, meaning all of them can be placed on hold with a library card. The list includes titles for all age groups, both digital and print materials, local and nationwide resources, and more!

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