Take a Plant, Leave a Plant

people trading plants in black nursery potsI first got my start with gardening through the generosity of others. Many plant lovers have a propensity for hoarding enthusiastic accrual that knows no end, and the upkeep creates plentitude as well. Between an abundance of seasonal produce, seed saving, dividing perennial bulbs, keeping the sprawling rhizomes in check, rooting eligible cuttings after a good pruning or simply gaining wisdom, plant parents always have something to share.

Are you in need of an outlet? Looking for something new for your garden, indoor or out? Join us this Saturday in Columbia Public Library’s Secret Garden for a plant swap! From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. anyone can bring plants and pots they want to rehome. Seeds, bulbs and cuttings are also welcome. We encourage you to label your offerings and settle them in containers that you are ready to part with. You can optionally let us know what you are going to bring with this form.

Don’t have anything to offer? The library will provide some easy-to-grow houseplant cuttings, seed envelopes and, of course, green-thumbed company. Attendees will be entered into a raffle for a nursery gift card.

Check out these books and resources on indoor plants, outdoor gardening and propagation.


Image credit: People Holding Plants via Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

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