Butterfly Rings

Want a super quick and easy craft to brighten your kiddo’s day? If so, work together to create some adorable butterfly chenille stem rings!

Not only are these little bug rings super cute, they only require three chenille stems to create. I love how little changes, such as different colored chenille stems, different lengths or a different way of bending the wings, enable crafters to create so many different species of fuzzy bugs.

butterfly chenille stem rings

two full chenille stems for the wings and half a chenille stem for the body and antenna

For supplies, you’ll need two full chenille stems for the wings (colors of your choice), and half a chenille stem for the body and antenna (black works well). Scissors are recommended but not necessary.

two long chenille stemschenille stems wrapped around finger

Start with the two long chenille stems. Twist them around each other a few times in the middle, then loosely wrap them around one of your fingers. You want the middle of the chenille stems under your finger, with equal lengths on top of your hand. Now twist the four long pieces together gently a few times, being careful not to shrink your circle and squeeze your finger. Take the ring off your finger, and separate out the chenille stems. Decide which colors will be on top, and which colors will be on the bottom. If you would like a more butterfly-like look with your bug, use scissors to trim about an inch off the bottom two pieces.

curled chenille stemscurled chenille stems

Begin curling the chenille stems to form the wings. You can curl tightly or loosely. The great thing about chenille stems is if you don’t like how they look, you can try again. I found curling the wings towards the top or bottom helped create a layered look for the wings. You can also form the wings to be more oval or triangular.

butterfly chenille stem rings

Twist the middle of the black chenille stem around the body of your bug, with the ends on the top. Curl or bend the ends to create the antennae. Again, you can snip off a little bit to make them a little shorter, but this is optional.

butterfly chenille stem rings

You can add additional decorations and details at this point, if you’d like. Your bug is now complete and ready to travel with you on your next adventure!

Thanks to this One little Project blog for the inspiration!