Honoring International Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31 is the International Transgender Day of Visibility. This day was created to celebrate transgender people and raise awareness of the discrimination they face still today. One of the best ways to better understand someone’s experience (and often our own) is through reading. Here’s a list of books that feature transgender characters or explore gender identity. Below are a handful of my personal favorites. 

Being You” works wonderfully as a first-introduction-to-gender book for young ones.

"Being You" book cover

When Aidan Became a Brother” shows Aidan’s experiences as he becomes an older brother to a new sibling.

"When Aidan Became a Brother" book cover

It Feels Good to Be Yourself” is a great nonfiction book that helps kids explore gender identity.

Lily and Dunkin” features two middle-schoolers on journeys to become themselves and find acceptance within and from family.

"Lily and Dunkin" book cover

Girl Haven” is a graphic novel that follows a group of middle schoolers that fall into a fantastical universe that is meant only for girls.

"Girl Haven" book cover

One more recommendation that is instead geared towards teens is “Growing Up Trans.” This anthology features art, poetry and stories created by transgender and non-binary youth. In addition to the experiences shared, there are resources provided by professionals at the end of each chapter for adults and youth to explore further.

"Growing Up Trans: In Our Own Voices"

Listed below are resources that share information about supporting transgender and non-binary youth. Each of these websites has great tools and information; Here are some that I found especially helpful.