Watercolor Winter Hat Craft

Does anyone else start to miss bright colors in January? This is the time of year I find myself thinking about dying my hair, seeking the brightest socks in the drawer and choosing the doughnuts with the most sprinkles. That is one of the reasons I chose this craft to share. The watercolor paints are so bright and cheerful. Perfect for a cold winter day.

Watercolor Winter Hat craft

For this craft you will need:

  • Heavy paper (card stock or watercolor paper)
  • Watercolor paints, brushes and water
  • White and black crayons

The original blog where I found this craft suggested white crayons or white oil pastels. I tried both and liked the crayons better. The oil pastel does work and creates a barrier the paint is less likely to cross, but also was harder to work with and didn’t make as crisp of lines. If you have both, try them and see which you prefer. Both will make a cute hat.

Alright, supplies gathered and ready to create? Here we go!!

Draw a hat outline. I first traced with a pencil, then went over those lines with a black crayon. Then I realized it was faster to trace with a black crayon. It’s a craft; it doesn’t have to be perfect. Once you have the outline of your hat, add details with the white crayon. My tip; don’t make the details too detailed, or they will be tricky to see and paint.

Watercolor Winter Hat craft outline

Now for the fun part: the paint! For my first hat, I painted all one color. I was a bit nervous that the paint would go everywhere, and if I used two colors they would mix. However, I was surprised at how well the crayon worked to keep the paint in the lines.

Watercolor Winter Hat craft

For my second hat, I used two colors and made sure my crayon lines were solid. You don’t have to paint your entire hat, but I wanted them all to be bright and colorful.

Watercolor Winter Hat craft

Watercolor Winter Hat craft

Once you are done applying paint, let your creations dry while lying flat. If you used a thinner paper, they might wrinkle up at this point. Let them finish drying, then you can smooth them under something heavy, like a book!

Once dry, your craft is complete!

Watercolor Winter Hat craft