DIY Seashell Wind Chime

Posted on Monday, August 15, 2022 by Anna

Don’t want summer to be over? Enjoy that beachy feeling all year long by creating a seashell wind chime! This artsy activity fosters creativity and encourages kids to get out into nature to search for materials.

How does it work?

The wind blows past, causing the items you’ve used to build your wind chime to bump into each other. This causes the objects to vibrate, creating energy that’s released as a sound wave.  Continue reading “DIY Seashell Wind Chime”

Newspaper Swords

Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2022 by Katie

Ahoy, hearties! Do your kiddos love playing pirates as much as we do? (You’re never too old!) If they do, this is the perfect craft to get your enemies to walk the plank — a newspaper sword!

You can create your own sword at home with a few supplies you might already have on hand.

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Ocean Tales From Around the World

Posted on Monday, June 13, 2022 by Laura

A group of children face each other in a circle and splash in the ocean water, their arms raised.

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when clearly it is Ocean.” – science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke

We may be landlocked here in Missouri, but did you know that over one-third of the world’s entire population lives near a coastline? As we dive into our summer reading program Oceans of Possibilities, I wanted to explore the the shores and seas so many people around the world call home. In compiling this list, I looked for picture books with a strong sense of place which showcase a variety of distinct cultures of those who live by the sea. From South Korea to Canada, let’s set sail! Continue reading “Ocean Tales From Around the World”

Brianna’s Books: June Favorites 2022

Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2022 by Brianna

Brianna's Books Banner

It’s June! Summer is just around the corner. In honor of Summer Reading, I’ve got some new releases for you that have absolutely nothing to do with our “Oceans of Possibilities” theme. I figure we have plenty of book lists already that can point you in that direction! So enjoy these new titles that are completely unrelated to oceans (except for one of the chapter books, but it’s not what you think).

Picture Books

Don’t Worry, Murray” by David Ezra Stein

Murray is a little dog with a lot of fears. He worries about going outside in the rain, and meeting big dogs in the park, and fireworks, and falling asleep next to a picture of a cat hung by his bed. Through all his fears, Murray’s owner is always there to offer kind words and solutions. Murray gains confidence wearing his bright yellow raincoat, his owner reassures him that the big dog at the park is nice, and even stays right beside Murray as he’s falling asleep next to the scary cat picture. What I love about this book (other than the adorable art, obviously) is that it shows you don’t have to tackle your fears alone. Murray is supported and loved every step of the way, which provides a great model for dealing with fears and helping others. Continue reading “Brianna’s Books: June Favorites 2022”

Summer Bucket List

Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2022 by Julia Deters

As May comes to a close, many children anxiously await the start of summer vacation. To keep track of all of the things I want to do this summer, I decided to create a bucket list! To create your own bucket list, you and your child can add some books and activities from this blog or come up with different ideas, like visiting Rock Bridge Memorial State Park or having a movie night.

Photo of a paper that displays a summer bucket list.

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Animal Silhouette Craft

Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2021 by Aimee

This summer, we decorated our libraries for Summer Reading with animal silhouettes using pretty scrapbook papers and old buttons. The process for making these is quite simple and the result is a fun graphic animal that looks great alone, on a bulletin board or as a whole crew galloping down the hall at the Columbia Public Library. I have included 7 animal patterns. Enjoy!

The Patterns:

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