Octopus Oranges

Looking for a way to liven up snack time? Check out these cute little octopus oranges. They are quick to make, create little mess and are ocean-themed to go along with our Summer Reading program! 

First, gather your materials. You will need a shape knife (or an orange peeler, it just might be trickier to make the smaller triangles), a non-toxic or food-safe marker, a cutting board and a piece of citrus. I used a clementine, but you can use mandarin oranges, larger oranges or other fruit. 

Got your equipment?  Alright, turn your orange upside down and make a cut across the center. The goal is to cut through the peel but not into the juicy fruit inside. Next, make four make cuts to either side of your first cut. You want four little triangles on each side of your orange. You will have a total of five cuts.

Now gently pull the triangle-shaped peel pieces back from the orange, and let them curl inwards. These are the tentacles of your octopus. Turn your critter right side up, and use the marker to draw a face. Because you a drawing on food, a non-toxic or food-safe marker should be used. 

Once the marker is dry, your octopus is complete!