Peppermint Milk Recipe

I think there are two types of people in the world. Those that enjoy pumpkin spice, and those that wait for peppermint season. If you are like me, pumpkin spice is nice, especially when it is in pie form. Peppermint is the flavoring I seek out in the winter months. Cookies, cappuccinos, candies, chocolates and more. If you are a peppermint fan, or just a little tired of pumpkin spice, read on for a fun way to create your own peppermint-flavored milk. This recipe is low on the effort scale and would be easy for a little one to assist with.

To make peppermint milk, you need two ingredients. First: peppermint candies. The original recipe calls for 20. Second, you’ll need milk. I used 2%, but I think you can use any milk that your family prefers.

Peppermint milk ingredients

You’ll also need some tools: two large containers (at least four quarts), a measuring cup, a long spoon and a strainer.

  1. Gather your young assistants and count out 20 peppermint candies. Unwrap and add to your pitcher (or a really large measuring cup).
  2. Measure out one quart (or four cups) of milk and add to the pitcher. My tip; have the candy already in the pitcher. Otherwise, you’ll have 20 little splashes of milk to clean off the counter later. Give the milk and candy a gentle stir.
  3.  Refrigerate everything for at least one hour. It will turn pink!
  4. Place a strainer over another pitcher and strain the milk. You are straining out the candy that hasn’t dissolved yet.
  5. Enjoy!

Peppermint milk ingredients

On its own, you may not notice the color of the milk has changed. Compare your concoction to your regular milk and see how the color has changed. The milk will now have a delightfully pepperminty taste. Consume as it is, or add to your morning coffee for a bit of extra flavor.

Peppermint milk, finished

I found this recipe in Food Network Magazine’s book “The Recipe-A-Day Kids Cookbook” from the library.