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Posted on Friday, August 12, 2022 by Megan

Exciting things are happening over here at the library! You can now find us on Instagram @dbrlteen. Here you’ll find the latest information about library and community events as well as what we’re reading! Smash that follow button or better yet set us as a favorite so you get the most up-to-date info.

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Teen Photo Contest: 2022 Winners

Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 by Megan

We are excited to announce that we have the winners of this year’s Teen Photo Contest! We had 33 entries and they were all outstanding! The teens have submitted their photographic interpretations of this year’s Summer Reading theme “Oceans of Possibilities” and after much deliberation, we have selected this year’s winners. Below are the top three winners. Continue reading “Teen Photo Contest: 2022 Winners”

The Selector’s Selections: July 2022

Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2022 by Brianna

How’s that To Be Read pile looking? Dangerously low? Now’s your chance to squeeze in as much reading as you can before school starts back up, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Not gonna lie, most of my picks this month have some romance, but if that’s not your thing I’ve also got a thriller with an unreliable narrator.

Into the Sublime” by Kate A. Boorman

In case you couldn’t guess from the cover, this is the thriller. The story begins at the ending, as three girls emerge from a cave. Two are immediately rushed to the hospital, one is covered in blood that isn’t hers, and begins to tell their story to the police. And one girl is missing. The four of them were part of a thrill-seeking group that was following local legends about an underground lake. Rumor says that anyone who faces their greatest fear at the lake will have something big changed for them. The story unravels as it unfolds, with an increasingly untrustworthy narrator and claustrophobic psychological and supernatural horror. Pair this book with a trip to the Devil’s Icebox trail and Connor’s Cave if you really want the full experience. Continue reading “The Selector’s Selections: July 2022”

Reader Reviews: Fantasy Edition

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2022 by Megan

Summer reading is in full swing and we are getting tons of recommendations from our teen readers! Here are a few books highlighting our teens’ favorite fantasy novels. Warning: Some of these books may be part of a series so you may need to do some catch-up reading before you dive into one of these recommended reads.

Image of "Song of the Current" book cover with 5 stars and a pink and purple cloud background. Continue reading “Reader Reviews: Fantasy Edition”

Merperson Makeup Tutorial

Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 by Megan

Person with long blue hair and blue scales on face and shoulders

Summer Reading is upon us!  With a theme like “Oceans of Possibilities,” how could we not think of merpeople?

We are so lucky to have our very own siren, Dana! She loves cosplay and makeup effects, so we wanted to share her talent with you in this video tutorial so you can play along at home.

Here is what you’ll need to get started.

  • Eyeshadow pallet. Any colors or brand you want to use, but the higher the pigmentation, the better.
  • Brush or sponge. Dana used a makeup sponge in the tutorial, but a large makeup brush would work, too!
  • Wig cap or fishnets. The wig cap is what gives you the scale pattern effect.

If you feel like going all out, combine a costume and a watery location! 

We would love to see your finished look! Snap a pic and send it to us at teen@dbrl.org.

May the Fourth Be With You!

Posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 by Megan

Two people dueling with lightsabers.

Happy May the Fourth! I love just about everything Star Wars has to offer — from the amazingly independent Princess Leia to the fierce, but cuddly Chewbacca, to the adorable Porgs, and don’t get me started on my obsession with Grogu (aka The Child or Baby Yoda)! Here are some fun things you can do at home to celebrate May the Fourth and the Revenge of the Fifth.

We’d love to see what you make, so send us pictures or videos to teen@dbrl.org.

Woman holding many Baby Yoda items.
How many Baby Yoda’s do you see in this picture? The correct answer is not enough.

Continue reading “May the Fourth Be With You!”

Start Off the New Year With a New Hobby!

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 by Stellan Harris

paint brushes with paint on themJanuary has almost come to a close, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start the new year off by taking your life in a new direction. The start of the year is the traditional time for making life changes, thought most of us aren’t always able to keep to these resolutions for the whole year, but you don’t have to commit to making massive life changes to shake up the coming year. Meet new people, try new music or foods, or even take up a hobby that you haven’t tried before (or even one you might have tried and fell off of for some reason!) We here at DBRL have come up with a list of some books covering a couple potential hobbies that you could look into for the new year, from hiking the great outdoors to taking up sewing, from gaining some skills in the kitchen to exploring boxing for fitness. You can find the list, both the fiction and non-fiction titles, at the link here. Don’t see something that interests you on that list? No problem! DBRL has plenty of other resources to check out. Want to learn a language or brush up on some skills? Check out Mango Languages for a free platform to learn a new language. Want to get into some more general crafting? Creativebug has video tutorials for a variety of projects. Is your family thinking about taking some trips in the coming year? Global Road Warrior has maps aimed specifically at travelers and students to help chart out your course. So start this year off with an exciting new direction!

New to the Kitchen? Check Out These Cookbooks!

Posted on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 by Stellan Harris

It’s the time of year where the ovens are on, the smell of warm spices waft through the air, and many home kitchens will be buzzing with activity. Getting involved in the kitchen can be an intimidating prospect, though, especially if you don’t have too much experience cooking for yourself, let alone others. Well if you’ve ever thought about getting some more experience in the kitchen, I’ve collected a few cookbooks that are great resources to consult to get you started. The books range in difficulty, from books for those of us who are more familiar with a microwave than a pan on the stove, to books for those of use looking for the next fancy dish to post for your friends and followers, so wherever you land on the culinary spectrum you should find something for you on this list. Good luck, and happy cooking! Continue reading “New to the Kitchen? Check Out These Cookbooks!”

FAFSA Frenzy 2021

Posted on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 by Stellan Harris

FAFSA FrenzyThe Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is the primary application used by all colleges and universities to determine your eligibility for grants, loans, work-study and scholarships. More importantly, this form is mandatory for all those planning to attend college.

The Missouri Department of Higher Education has an assistance program called FAFSA Frenzy to help you and your family successfully complete this online application form. They will be hosting several free events at mid-Missouri high schools. If you are planning to attend college in the fall, mark your calendars now for one of these four sessions.

Get all your financial aid concerns out of the way so you can be all set for the 2022-2023 school year!
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